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#AdventureMondays: The Drunken Crab

by williamedwardh

Every Monday I meet up with my two girlfriends to go an an adventure. It’s our way of putting the fun  back into Monday which is often the most dreaded day of the week. This week Jahra, Gene’Vieve and I started our #AdventureMonday with a full body work out @ our local Planet Fitness. Jahra and I had no ideas how to properly use dumbbells so Gene’Vieve stepped up and led us in a killer workout.

After working up an appetite, the three of us ventured off to The Drunken Crab in North Hollywood for the best meal we’ve all had in a while. The food was delicious, the flavors, the drinks…so good. It was all served Louisiana Style and Jahra, our New Orleans native, even said that this was the first place that has even come close to being as good as the food back home!

Following our meal, we headed up to the Laurel Canyon Lookout to decompress, digest, and take in the spectacular view of our city. Check out pics from our adventure below!






For more adventure, follow us on Instagram: @Adventure_Mondays !

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